Retail Confessions

Remember that guy who filled up a whole book with
confessions? He placed an ad in the paper asking folks to send him a postcard with
the confession of their choice. Before he knew it, his mailbox was bursting at
the seams. Search Amazon and you’ll find a multitude of books filled with
confessions. From the Catholic confession room to the girls’ night out where we
divulge some of our deepest secrets–we, as human beings, love to confess. And
if confessing can bring us cash, we’ll even document it via video. At least
that’s what eBillme was counting on when it launched its Secret Shopping Confessions
video contest
. Individuals were encouraged to document their shopping secrets on
video and send them in. Weekly winners received $1,000 for having the best
confession, culminating in a grand prize of $20,000!

Kristina Zalenski of Philadelphia won $1,000 during week two
for keeping her shopping exploits a secret from her live-in boyfriend.
Apparently, Kristina has a gym bag that she uses to smuggle in her new purchases.
The boyfriend never even noticed–he thought the bag was filled with workout
gear. Oh, how naive of Mr. Boyfriend. Workout gear in a workout bag? Um, no,
try again. Instead, Kristina was bringing in more than $5,000 worth of clothes,
shoes and handbags unbeknownst to said boyfriend. Until of course, the video
confession aired on YouTube. Now, the
jig is up. But, I’m not sure if trading the boyfriend’s confidence in you for
$1,000 is a fair deal. So, I’m hoping Kristina will win the $20,000 grand prize.
The poor girl deserves it! And besides, she obviously needs to do more

This contest got me thinking, are we all running around
shopping and keeping it a secret from our loved ones? Apparently so. The judges
for the contest
had their own secretsNat Decants, a wine aficionado,
confessed to filling her wine cellar up with way too much wine; Allison Deyette
admitted to purchasing an expensive boat timeshare (why???) and Marwan Forzley,
CEO of eBillMe had the best story of them all–showing us that men have
shopping secrets too! Marwan secretly bought himself a pair of top-of-the-line skis,
putting it on a rarely used credit card so his wife wouldn’t find out.
Unfortunately, his smarty-pants wife intercepted the credit card statement and busted
him. But, this is when the story gets good, because Marwan happens to be one
slick guy. He feigned angst, pretending that the skis were a gift for her. The
wife bought the story, leaving Marwan with no other option than to go out and
buy another pair of expensive skis–for her. Oh, vey! Who knew shopping could
get us into this much trouble?

So, what are some of your
shopping confessions? While I don’t have $1,000 to give you (and the
contest is now over), I do promise you’ll feel at peace when you unload your
shopping sins via the Internet. And peace of mind is priceless. Heck, create a
yahoo email account and anonymously post your confessions–I don’t care–just
get it out.

Here’s mine: I can’t stop buying books. If it looks
interesting, I buy it. If it’s on sale and doesn’t look interesting, I buy it. It’s
definitely a compulsion, albeit it a rather boring one. Luckily, I’m a big girl
and don’t have someone telling me how to spend my money. But, each time I move
I wonder why I have to buy so many dang books all of the time. In fact, I
bought three last night. And really, who can read that many books at once?! Ah
well, a girl can try!

OK, now your turn.
Can’t wait to hear your shopping confession…

–Heather Strang

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  1. I don't really have major shopping confessions (my husband is a supporter of my shopping habit) except for shoes… I do love shoes. :)

    But… one of the women in my office has taken the smuggling of new purchases into the home to a new level. She keeps, in her car, a dry cleaning bag, a couple of brown paper grocery sacks, and a couple of old shoe boxes (she doesn't drive in her heels, of course, hubby!). This allows her to sneak into her closet items of various shapes and sizes without her husband being any the wiser. She waits a few days, then wears the new thing. He says, "Is that new?" and she says, "This?!? No… I've had it for a while now."