Steve & Barry’s Gets “Carried” Away

Carrie. Charlotte. Miranda. Samantha. Have any idea who
these ladies are? If you’ve turned on your television lately or flipped through
a fashion magazine, you most likely do. And with the upcoming release of the
"Sex & The City" movie, it’s officially SATC mania. It’s also a perfect opportunity for
a retailer to get in on the action.

To aid in the hysteria, Steve & Barry stores have
created licensed and official movie apparel, including t-shirts and tank tops featuring
clever verbiage such as, "I’m with Mr. Big" (I wish!) or "I
Heart Sex & The City." To make things even more enticing, the tees are
only $8.98 or less!

I’ve never been to Steve & Barry’s before, and until
Sarah Jessica Parker started her Bitten line, I had never even heard of them. However,
as a huge Sex & the City fan–I practically kissed my cable guy when he
said, "Oh, so you’re like a real-life Carrie Bradshaw," when learning
that I was a freelance writer–I’m going to drive 45 minutes out of my way to
get my hands on this merchandise…to wear to the opening night of the movie. I
know this is mildly ridiculous behavior, but I can’t help it. Some people like
Star Trek and Spiderman; I love Carrie Bradshaw and Sex & The City.

But this also provides us with an amazing example of why
retailers should continue to partner with cultural icons like SJP. Think about
it, I’m going to pay nearly $4 a gallon to drive 45 minutes out of my way just to
get my very own SATC tee. I won’t even drive to happy hour these days! And you
better believe that while I’m there, I’ll also take care of my other shopping
needs, including buying every SJP Bitten item I can get my hands on. 

So, thank you Steve & Barry’s. If you’re good enough for SJP and the other gals of Sex &
the City, then you’re good enough for me.

Have you already snagged some SATC gear? Love Steve &
Barry’s? Tell us about it here! Oh, and if you just want to gush about the
movie, SJP or one of the other actress’ obvious plastic surgery, leave a
comment here as well.

–Heather Strang

P.S. Be sure to check out the SATC Soundtrack, including India Arie’s version of "The Heart of the Matter." Love it!



  1. UPDATE: I went to Steve & Barry's only to discover that the tee's were not even available in store!

    To make matters worse, the overhead store advertising was promoting "Buy your Sex & The City tee here!" The manager at the store acted as though there was nothing he could do and suggested that "I keep calling them daily to see when the tee's come in."

    Can you believe that? Talk about horrible service and zero follow-through.

    So, not only did I drive 45 minutes (one-way, mind you) out of my way, I returned with no SATC tees. The Bitten merchandise was so picked through there wasn't much to choose from and the entire store was a mess.

    Boo Steve & Barry's!
    Has anyone else been able to find the SATC merchandise actually in their stores (as they have advertised)? Do tell!

    -Heather :)

  2. STEVE & BARRY'S UPDATE: Within 2 minutes of sending an email to Steve & Barry's describing the situation below (in my first update), I received a call from a company representative seeking to resolve the issue. I was totally impressed!

    Apparently, the Vancouver Plaza store is one out of 6 that have yet to receive their SATC tee's. As luck would have it, right? Anyway, the gentleman checked on the status of the tee's and they are scheduled to arrive by Tuesday of next week (still before the film opens) in Vancouver.

    Despite my initial irritation, I am completely impressed with the quickness in which Steve & Barry's sought to resolve this problem. They were apologetic, understanding and most importantly, they cared. And that's all a girl really wants from a retailer (along with her SATC tee!).

    Steve & Barry's – you're redeemed in my eyes. Love you guys!
    -Heather :)