Madonna Rocks 2010 at Macy’s


80s-fashion-madonna In the 1980s I wore bangles. And a sash in my hair, a la Madonna in Desperately Seeking Susan. Now, in 2010 I can re-live my Madonna obsession and shop at Macy’s. In truth, this is a relief since shopping at those creepy thrift stores in the '80s was a drag.

Just in time for the back-to-school season, Madonna in connection with her daughter Lourdes and the Iconix Brand Group, will launch the Material Girl junior collection in August 2010 at Macy's.

I’m so curious what this new collection will look like. Lace tanks? Boot heels? Black Oakleys? Oh, wait – it’s no longer the 1980s. But, what does a 50-something mom, who’s desperately intent on staying young – hence the junior collection and a hot 23-yr-old boyfriend – know about fashion design? Well, she is Madonna, so I won’t be surprised if the new collection is the best celebrity-inspired line ever (something that won’t be terribly hard to do, as these are never that fantastic). This is going to be fun! I can’t wait for August 2010 now.

It’s the Material Mom’s first direct-to-retail license, and includes the opportunity for Macy’s to launch additional brands with MG Icon. Way to go Macy’s! The new collection will feature apparel, footwear, handbags and jewelry, and will hit price points between $12 – $40. Of course it won’t stop there. Madonna isn’t one to do things on a small scale, so the agreement also includes plans for continual growth in the lifestyle and beauty sectors, including fragrance, beginning in 2011.

Something tells me that despite the transfer of time there will be a spinoff version of the pink ball gown Madonna wore in her Material Girl video. Who’s with me on this one?

Let’s start the betting now – will this be a rockin hot collection? Can Macy’s benefit from this partnership with the Material Mom? Leave your comments here!

–Heather Strang


  1. If ever there was a brand that was meant to be this is it. Madonna has consistently maintained who she is and want she stands for. Her success to have withstood the test of time is a testimonial to an industry comprised of fickled fans.
    As a retail consultant for retailers and brands my advice is simple. Pay attention to detail and have a clear vision of what you want to look like at the store level. I have seen too many retailers kill a celeb brand by not taking the extra step to do it right. This is not about throw it at the wall and watch it stick. Even Madonna needs to follow the basic rules of retailing in order to guarantee success.
    The first of many right moves was to join forces with Iconix. They certainly have a track record for successful launches but Beware of Macy's. Having experienced personally the XOXO brand at Macy's Herald Square I can only say their intentions were good, but their execution was just that.
    I for one would like to see a red thread sawn into the wrist of every item if possible. You would be doing many a favor.
    Jerry Birnbach F.I.S.P
    Partner RDD Associates NYC Store Designers
    Retailers for a Better Tomorrow Blogger