Esquire Home: Is It Man Enough For You?

Esquire1 My boyfriend wants me to camp in the Alaskan wilderness with him for a week. After the initial eye roll and tongue gag, I had to very carefully explain to him that I was a girl.

And not just any girl, but an ultra-feminine girl. That means the thought of five-plus days without running water, a toilet or a bed is absolutely revolting to me. I would rather poke my eyes out with a sharp, #2 pencil.

You see, men and women are very different. (Gasp!)

Thankfully, I have Esquire Magazine’s Home Collection to back me up. Recently Esquire Home joined New York’s ABC Carpet & Home’s showroom to offer its uber masculine home collection.

Esquire believes that men are more concerned with the design and style of their homes than ever before. And that’s where Esquire’s new collection comes in. Featuring distressed leathers, neutral twills and tweeds and polished steel, this collection screams masculinity. All that’s missing is a dead animal head and a crow bar. (Although, I might be exaggerating…)

Esquire4 Interestingly enough, Esquire partnered with ABC – which is known for incredibly feminine design. Imagine lace curtains, chemical-free organic beds, artisan indigenous pieces from cooperatives around the world, jewelry and many other home decor items. Now, the bridge has been gapped as Esquire and ABC come together to present the best of both worlds.

And that’s exactly what men and women do for each other. They bring together the masculine and the feminine, and then someone decides what looks better (my money is on the feminine!). I love that ABC and Esquire have partnered in this way. Hopefully, it will provide juice for any ladies who have to explain to their men that they don’t want to go hunting/camping/motocross riding with them.

What do you think of Esquire’s new collection? Is it man enough for you? Share your thoughts here!

-Heather Strang

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