Gaga’s Workshop Sets a New Bar for Retail Displays

Prysm_Barneys_Contellation Gaga Display 5Never before in the history of holiday window displays have celebrities turned out to gawk, stare and enjoy. But, they are now. caught Neil Patrick Harris and his partner at the opening of the Barneys Gaga’s Workshop, not to mention a host of other A-B-listers vying for a glimpse at this much-hyped display.

One of the most prominent features in the workshop that’s catching our eye is the 11.67-ft. by 6.25-ft. laser phosphor display (LPD) video wall by Prysm. It’s titled as the “Gaga Constellation” and is located in a window next to the Barneys front door.

This isn’t just any video wall (as if it could be for Gaga!). Oh no, this thing has it all – including social media and film. There’s a 90-second film directed by Tim Richardson that showcases Lady Gaga as she morphs into a variety of constellations along with a LIVE Twitter feed. Barneys and Gaga fans can send Tweets that will show up right on the video wall.

Prysm_Barneys_Contellation Gaga Display 3Who even knew that was possible?!

It’s classically Gaga – over the top, indulgent and raising quite the ruckus. It’s perfect for Barneys, perfect for Gaga and even allows customers to engage (right alongside celebrities). If this isn’t the best display idea, I don’t know what is.

And while I’m not a Gaga fan (she frightens small children!), there is no denying her draw and ability to get attention.

I certainly hope we see more retailers using video wall displays. Can you imagine all of the creative possibilities that exist with this option?

What are your thoughts on this display? Love the video-wall? Know other retailers who are utilizing this stellar technology? Leave your comments here!

-Heather Strang

*Photos courtesy of Prysm Inc.

P.S. The Diva can't wait to see these windows in person! She'll be in New York next week for the annual DDI Winning Windows competition—click here for more info!


  1. I fell for it. Hook, line and sinker.I gave up on the Gaga train when Born This Way came out but I keep nidnifg myself being drawn back in. I blame my job for it (we're essentially GagaUniversity).