Consumer Spending 101

$100stackRemember psychology class during college? I do. It broke my brain. I couldn’t believe all of the incredible statistical data that pointed to the fact that we tend to be followers more than leaders, and are heavily influenced by advertising and what our neighbors are up to.

Well folks, it’s back to psychology class.

Truaxis just released an infographic (courtesy of Killer Infographics – and I have to say – it is pretty killer!) that breaks down a plethora of data on consumer spending.

Apparently, the top reason we buy online is linked to how many other people made the same purchase. Seriously? And 43 percent of American familys spend more than they earn. Wow, 43 percent?! The top online shoppers are women with “excess wealth” who feel the need to improve themselves. Are you kidding me?

Thankfully, there’s also some good news (and this is my favorite part of the entire infographic): when we purchased something for someone else, we felt happy; when we just purchased for ourselves, we didn’t. There’s one light at the end of the tunnel; giving truly is more fun.

Be sure to leave your comments below about which statistics blew your mind!

View the complete infographic here.

-Heather Strang


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  1. That is fascinating. I do love to buy for others and less for myself, so I appreciate that mankind isn't as self centered as it may sometimes seem.

    I have personally been really investing in quality pieces or items. I have been trying to steer clear of the items I know I will get minimal use out of. Thus I avoid online shopping, I prefer to get a really solid feel for the product if I am going to purchase anything. This applies to both hard goods and soft goods.

    It surprises me how often women shop online, it must come down to instant gratification. The amount of times I have had to return items due to fit or it not being visually what I expected makes is VERY rare that I purchase online.