Interior Design & Fashion Merge…Into a Dress

Tiledress2Attention designers. We’re doing a small, informal poll here on the Diva. We want to know: do you ever look around at scraps of marble, wood, bamboo or other materials and think, “This would make an amazing outfit!”?

If you answered yes, then you’re clearly on the cutting edge of fashion and design. St. Louis-based design firm Design Extra is right there with you as well. This creative team created a '20s-inspired flapper-style dress out of Crossville mosaics and mesh tile as part of the International Interior Design Association (IIDA) Mid America Chapter’s St. Louis City Center event, Unravel.  The Unravel event brings designers together to create fashion designs with materials only previously used for interior design purposes. From there, the designs are exhibited in downtown St. Louis.

So, the folks at Design Extra (who obviously enjoy a hearty challenge) partnered with Julie Zobel of ISC Surface to create this stunning mosaic and tile dress.

Unbelievable, right?
Yeah, that and totally creative.

While the model posing in this one-of-a-kind dress was not available for comment, the only thing I can think besides “Wow!” is, “How heavy/uncomfortable is that getup?”

In all seriousness though, the merging of interior design (or any design for that matter!) and fashion is worth pondering. What other interior design materials could be transformed into our next international fashion trend?

TiledesignAnd, on top of that, marketing these fashions would be a breeze. Designers could simply send their creations to Lady Gaga – she’s not afraid to wear anything.  I mean, after you’ve worn a dress made out of red meat, there really isn’t a problem wearing a dress of tiles or anything else. Right?

Please be sure to leave your creative interior design materials ideas below. And if you know the model featured, have her message me with the comfort level of this gorgeous dress.

-Heather Strang


  1. Thanks for sharing Design Extra’s work. Who knew tiles could look so glamorous? I'm amazed by what creative minds can conceive.

    Several associates from Big Red Rooster’s Phoenix Office participated in a local IIDA Couture event, too. Our team created a modern technology-inspired dress from leather.

    You can view the photos here:

    I'm not aware of our model's comfort level, but she makes wearing the dress look effortless.


  2. Rebecca,

    Love it! It was a leather mini – and so creative. Thank you so much for sharing this with us. We look forward to seeing more examples of interior design and fashion merging. So fun!