SEE & Be SEEN San Francisco-Style at CitySCENE!

waterbarWe’re baaack! This a networking event you don’t want to miss—design:retail’s CitySCENE networking event is returning to San Francisco this month to bring you a taste of cocktails and conversation with like-minded peers in the retail design industry!

Mark your calendars for the evening of Tuesday, May 20 from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. The event will take place at the infamous Waterbar restaurant located at 399 The Embarcadero South, which is a trendy spot known for its panoramic views of the Bay and San Francisco skyline. The event is free and open to interns and junior designers on up, as design:retail wants to bring together all levels of industry experience. Continue reading →

Retail Jokers

Self-Destruct-Button.jpgRetail jokers are at it again. This time, it was a new e-commerce retail idea that snatches a page from the Snapchat playbook: an online pop-up store that self-destructs exactly 14 days after launching. Even the press release, which came out April 1, was set to self-destruct on April 2. Sound zany enough for you? That’s because it was an April Fool’s prank!

The jokers at Bigcommerce announced their fake concept: “Popcommerce, the new platform offers the same beauty and brains that every Bigcommerce store has, and can be set up in minutes.” The release continued, “Each online pop-up store powered by Bigcommerce will self destruct exactly 14 days after launching. Continue reading →

Pot Retailing and All That ZaZZZ

BlNtJnbCcAAa1fLGet ready to deal with it. This post is about marijuana retailing in Colorado.

The Centennial state welcomed its first marijuana vending machine last week, although it’s not actually operational…yet. Made by American Green, this vending machine has been dubbed “ZaZZZ. ” Resembling a standard vending machine with rows of product, ZaZZZ is currently on display at Montana’s Smokehouse restaurant in Avon, Colo. Insiders say it will be stocked with pot-infused edibles, such as brownies from Colorado-based Herbal Elements, a medical marijuana purveyor. American Green plans to place the machine in a medical marijuana dispensary in Eagle-Vail, Colo., a residential community of about 1,400 homes. Continue reading →

One Giant Step for Mankind

PARLUX LTD. KENNETH COLE MANKIND FRAGRANCEThe corporate culture at Kenneth Cole Productions, the New York-based footwear and apparel brand, is known for its heart and “sole.” Since designer Kenneth Cole made waves back in the ‘80s for sincere, yet clever campaigns—particularly for AIDS research and awareness—the company continues its tongue-in-cheek brand voice. Recently, its website featured this season’s must have: “Spring is here … make the vest of it.”

Now, Cole is on the forefront yet again with its new Google Glass app that set tongues wagging and eyes widening for “Mankind.” It’s a fitting match up for the wearable technology, according to industry watchers, and Cole’s targeted demo. Continue reading →

Wake Up And Smell the Bacon

Brookwood-Cafe-Maiden-Bacon-crisp-on-frying-pan-300x225Smell-O-Vision and Odorama are so very last millennia.

But in a nod to today’s iPhone-toting consumer, Oscar Mayer is deploying not only an iPhone alarm app, there’s a compatible plug-in to emit the smell of bacon frying. And media is squealing. Just Bing it or Google to check it out.

It’s all part of Oscar Mayer’s (Kraft Foods division) latest bacon campaign, titled “Wake Up and Smell the Bacon,” which debuted last month just in time for Daylight Savings Time. An iPhone alarm app replaces beeps with the sizzle of frying bacon (natch) to wake up the user, while a connected scent device emits bacon “perfume.” But—and this is a big one—the device can only be won, not bought. Continue reading →